My Best Friend

Honestly, I don’t know how people do life without Jesus. Maybe I’m just weaker, or a bigger mess than those that seem to manage without God. Or maybe what I see isn’t reality. Maybe people have a more difficult time than they let on. Quite possibly, it’s a little bit of both….

I just wanted to take a moment to share why on earth I have put my faith in Christ and do my best to follow Him…When I was a young child, my little heart hurt often. I won’t go into detail, but when I found out there was a God that loved me I was hooked. Something inside of me had to know and get close to Him. A few years down the road I heard about Jesus and because Jesus was God’s son I let Him in my heart… the best I knew how. I struggled often though, not knowing what it actually meant to have Jesus in my heart. And then one day someone told me that Jesus wanted to be my best friend. When I realized I could be best friends with God, my life changed! As a struggling, hurting, and broken teenager I felt peace and joy in God’s presence. I felt loved beyond anything I’ve ever known. And when I say feel, I really mean I was overwhelmed with these feelings; out of nowhere peace, joy, and love washed over me.

That was the begininng, and it’s that moment and others that have allowed me to stay the course. It is only through God’s unfailing love and His presence moving in my life that I can keep going everyday. If it was up to me I would have wandered from God by now; lured away by my own selfishness and lack of faith…but God has not allowed me to leave. Even when questions arise, reasoning fails, and hurt stings, something inside me won’t let me abandon my best friend. I call this saving grace. I know my brokenness all too well, which can be a blessing because it keeps me close to the One who saves me from it. When we realize how wrong we can be, we realize how much we need a savior. What I didn’t fully understand as I child, I understand more as an adult. God did not send Jesus to condemn the world but instead to save the world through him. I know to some, this is foolishness, I can understand why someone who has not experienced the depth of God’s love would think this way. I can see why people who have endured immense suffering would think a loving God is insane. Perhaps, if you’re reading this and you feel this way could I ask you to consider the cross… Jesus suffered much. Much more than most of us will ever suffer; bearing the punishment of our rebellion against God so that we could have hope and a way into His presence… in this life and the next. You see, Christians do not follow a God of make believe to make us feel better. Instead, we realize that our attempts to comfort and save ourselves are futile. What is impossible with man though, becomes possible with God. And we live by loving Him and loving others because of His love for us. I follow a God that shows me love, and that I can love back, and I don’t have to be perfect in doing so. I follow a God that welcomes the worst of sinners into His presence. So when you see the Christian Church, don’t be surprised to find imperfect people. I follow a God that does not abandon me and will never leave my side. I follow a God who has proven himself trustworthy, even when pain cuts deep. My faith is not about religion, it is about my relationship with God. Do I have all the answers, nope. Do I have questions…yes! Sometimes having faith comes easy and sometimes it’s more of a struggle. No matter where I am on this scale though, God’s love has always remained. If God had not drawn my heart to Him, or if I had resisted, I would not be the person I am today. I would not have access to the hope and peace that sustains me. Jesus didn’t just save me though, that was only the beginning of our beautiful friendship. He holds me together, He’s right by my side every moment encouraging me on; my trustworthy companion whom I can confide in, who I can hide in. He gives me peace and comfort beyond understanding, strength to endure, joy and hope for eternity… My heart’s prayer is that everyone would come to know this same love and friendship I’ve found in Christ. It’s for you just as it is for me, He loves you ♡

If you look for him wholeheartedly, you will find him ~Jeremiah 29:13


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