Reminder to Me

Sometimes our attempts at encouraging each other fail, and we need more than perfectly placed words on a page. Some days I find myself searching for encouragement, that perfect word or thought… but many times my seeking fails to lead me to what I am really longing for. Ultimately, I am looking for one thing… and that is the presence of God. The best place to find what my spirit needs is usually never found in a blog, post, tweet, or email… I often fail to remember that what I need most is to lay down everything and pick up my Bible… I need more time talking and listening to God and more moments set aside to give Him the thanks and praise He deserves. Our intimacy with God is dependent on how close and how often we draw ourselves to Him…how willing we are to set aside special time alone with Him where he can again breathe life into our weary souls. The more we seek God’s presence, the more we realize how close and always present He is, and there is nothing more encouraging than walking through life knowing and seeing that our Creator and Savior is right by our side.


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