As a society we are completely broken. Like a piece of shattered glass- racism, fear, division, injustice, lack of compassion, pride, ignorance, and selfish motives have left us…broken in our wrongness. My heart breaks. God does not look away from those that cry out to him; the oppressed, the needy, orphaned, widowed, trafficked, abused, wrongly accused, murdered… so neither should we his children. In our heartache we must decide to do everything we can, to pursue all that is right, and to defend others against the dark powers of injustice. We need fearless men and women of honor, integrity, and compassion to rise up and become the leaders and power holders within our community, nation, and world. We need hearts that unify together, for each other, no matter race or status. We need more hope, and an enviroment where hope for the oppressed can rise. We need to share more love and compassion and less hate. If we want to see change happen, we need to first change ourselves. I will do my part, however I can, with all the love I can to make our world better and right…I will also try to make the future brighter by teaching my daughters and sons to love God and love their neighbors of every race, of every color. I will teach them to respect everyone and to do their best to remain humble before others and God. Lastly I will teach them that love conquers fear every time and we need to use that love to serve and protect others. We have the ability to turn this around, to pursue all that is just, to unite and fight together instead of against each other. The choice is ours, will we allow ourselves to love and be moved in love on behalf of others so they may live…


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