Reality and a Pep Talk

FB_IMG_1503267232508Woke up this morning, that’s good! So far I’ve managed to get a load of laundry in and make coffee (and hot chocolate for the little ones). If my 7 year old could have it his way, he’d already be trading his hot chocolate for a nice cup of joe. My four year old is dressed, all by himself he did it, mismatched clothes, backwards short, mohawk and all….it’s a sight! A good one though, with everyday my children are becoming more and more independent. I try to hold on to what I can as long as I can without smothering them, but I love watching them grow. And grow, they will do. But we have today, sure to be filled with toddler tantrums, lots of assistance, defiance, and lots of love in the middle of it all. Let’s do this!


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