Hope for the Climb

When the days blur together, when exhaustion, pain, or the boredom of routine continue day after day, getting up in the morning can be challenging. I have found this encouragement though…If we wake up alive, Jesus has called us to get up. As long as we are breathing we have purpose. God works and moves in every season of our journey…Life is a mountain, sometimes the walk is easy and the view is breathtaking. Then, there are times when the terrain is steep, rocky, and barren with seemingly impossible to climb moments. When the upward ascent becomes difficult or wearisome I hope you remember that our struggle is not wasted, God uses these times to shape our character, if we allow Him. Perseverance, faithfulness, hope, trust, forgiveness, love, humility, and patience can become the beauty of adversity. During these character refining seasons we often need a strength other than our own. You see, God wants us to draw close and trust in Him…this happens best when we come to the end of ourselves. (As a mom of four, I find myself here quite often…) Placing our confidence in Christ’s strength, the strength that allowed Him to selflessly surrender His life for our own, enables us to endure, persevere, and keep climbing. This dependence is not weakness though, it takes great humility and trust to surrender and rely on God in our most vulnerable and challenging seasons. If you are struggling to climb, walk, or even rise to your feet I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Christ, not on the mountain. Reach out to Him and He will take your hand and show you how to navigate this part of your journey with hope, faith, and trust. Rest and surrender your weary heart in His love, listen for His guidence…Christ will not fail you or leave you alone. He is faithful and will lead you to a place where everything will become clearer; allowing you to once again gaze upon a view more beautiful than you ever could of imagined. And eventually He will bring you to the top of the mountain where an eternity of comfort and joy in His presence is yours forever. 

With love,




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