The Voice of God


The Lord’s voice is more powerful and more majestic than we could ever fathom. When He speaks though, things happen… great things that we cannot understand. His voice is a call to action, a call to truth, and all that is right.

Although we don’t always understand God’s ways, we know that He is mighty, He is good, and He loves His children. If your heading into a storm or feel stranded in the middle of an ocean I am praying for you today. I’ve been there… and these situations require trust, belief in the truth of God’s love, His mercy, and patient endurance. Even though the storm threatens and the strength to keep going is gone, God is by your side. Turn to Him, rely on Him, and wait for Him. He has never forsaken me in my many struggles, and I know he will not abandon you…His love is revealed in His faithfulness through it all. Through the pain and struggle God draws us to a deeper trust in Him which leads to a closer and more intimate relationship with our Creator and Savior. Our lives are so much more than what we can see right now. God is doing something great in your life and He has the power to calm the storm and lift you up.

I love the random chances of seeing a rainbow displayed across the sky. The rainbow is never alone though. Behind the beautiful display of colors there is a dark sky; evidence of the storm that just passed through. If God can bring beauty out of something dark and scary in the sky, he is definitely able to bring something beautiful out of the dark and difficult moments of life…and the darker the sky – the brighter the rainbow. Keep walking by faith and rest in His love for you.

Be Kinder to You


There are many days I don’t feel like I’m enough. I’m not energized enough, not organized enough, not patient enough, not healthy enough, not good enough, and the list could go on…As I turned out of my driveway though, one morning  I prayed a prayer that I never imagined praying. I asked God to help me be okay with not being perfect, and when I did my perception of being enough flew to the wayside as peace came down and rested over my soul.

On that particular morning in the hustle and bustle of getting everyone off to school and getting ready to teach a class (here I go confession time)…I somehow forgot to brush my teeth.  Ewe I know…That morning I found myself not clean enough. With no time to turn around, I began to let myself feel less than because I had missed an essential task I do every morning, well every morning except this one…That was my usual response though, to beat myself up whenever I performed less than perfect or faltered at reaching my expectations. I can imagine, if I physically kicked myself in the behind every time I failed to live up to my own standards, for most of the day my legs would be swinging backwards…make that most of my life (that would be a sight!)

Thankfully, in the early hours of dawn that day, I found encouragement in the midst of my “failure”… As I looked to my left and caught a glimpse of the sun rising in the morning sky, I somehow accepted at that moment that I didn’t have to be perfect. Instead of drowning in the usual self-disapproval, I was able to find sweet relief. That morning I let go and made peace with my imperfections. For having it all together is really an unattainable standard anyway, at least while we are living in our sinful flesh and a broken world. And also, I realized that my idea of perfection is not necessarily God’s. I was only setting myself up for failure by trying to reach such an unachievable benchmark. That morning when I asked God to help me be okay with being imperfect, my soul found peace instead of hostility.

I had always believed that God accepted me, imperfections and all, and so I knew it was time for me to start accepting myself…imperfections and all. This doesn’t always come easy, but if I resolve to see myself as God sees me, and truly believe that this perception is all that matters I find peace in the midst of my not enough. Maybe you have your own list of “not enoughs”… If so, I invite you to unite with me in throwing away the self-judgement and criticism…Join me in enjoying life instead of trying to make it perfect…be kind to yourselfbe all that you can be and let that be enough. I hope today you can rest your heart in His acceptance and have an unbelievably freeing day!

With love,




In The Beginning…

Everything that is worth anything began with love. Love Fulfilled is just as much about my passion for writing as it is to share my life with you, hoping your journey will in some way become connected with mine. It’s about choosing to fulfill the call to do everything in love, a call that I’m most certainly to fail at times. Even though, I would love for you to be a part of my journey! If at some point you choose to read or follow my blog please don’t hesitate to leave comments and interact, I am so happy to have you here.

With Love!