Wanting More

Sometimes what you think you want and need is not at all what you want and need.

Ten months ago we moved into what we thought would be a forever home; a beautiful log cabin with amazing views of the countryside. But four months ago God started stirring in our hearts that our time here would be temporary. It started as an unsettling and then turned into a full revelation. God had something more for us. It’s a bit ironic though that this something more seemed to mean having less; less stuff and less time devoted to caring for these things and eventually less time maintaining this place. Because what we really have been needing is more of something different; like more time together, more connection, and more adventure. So, over the summer our accumulated stuff was downsized from a 3000 square foot house to a 10 by 14 storage unit, and yes it was therapeutic to get rid of so much of what we thought we needed but in reality didn’t. We also bought a travel trailer and took a few camping trips over the summer to places that were new and surrounded by tall trees and blue lakes. These trips were filled with sibling connection and family time. We made S’mores when we could get a fire going and swam the lake together, we sat outside and talked. My children actually enjoyed each other’s company, and I knew this is more of what we needed. And then in faith, we listed our “forever” home, not knowing where we were going, but knowing we weren’t supposed to stay here. Now, here we are two weeks from closing on the sale of our home letting God lead us; and he is. His process and his ways don’t always make sense, we’ve had plenty of ups and downs, but I’m learning if you’ve got the faith to keep seeking and walking with the Lord you’ll find joy in the journey, and blessings that couldn’t have come any other way. We still have dreams and desires in our hearts that only he can bring to pass, and promises in His word for today and for the future. He knows our hearts and the desires that live there, and he knows everything he wants for our family is so much better than what we’re leaving behind… and in faith I know it too, because I know and rely on the love of God in the midst of the unknown and I have hope and faith that anything is possible with God. And on the days that are tough, I remember who’s in control, and in Jesus I find strength to press on through the change; believing that we are going from glory to glory. Brighter days are always ahead when you’re seeking more of the things that matter, seeking more of God and more of love. There is always hope when you’re following Jesus. Though I can’t see just yet how this will all play out, I know God is leading us every step of the way to a life more beautiful.

“You will never know where God is taking you unless you are first willing to leave where you are” ~Dr. Tony Evans


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