You Are…

When you look at yourself what do you see…

Is it good, or true, do these thoughts bring you peace…

Because who you are isn’t always what your eyes and mind tell.

You see, created in God’s image, you are a wonderful piece of art, inside and out you are beautiful.

I’m over the lies that make us feel we’re not enough.

These thoughts only have a spirit destroying purpose.

Never were we to be one size, one face, one mind the same.

We are each unique, a gift to the world, so please don’t be afraid…

To love yourself where you are right now and let the world behold all of your wonderful.

Because somewhere is another person who is hurting.

Who still believes the lies and feels worthless.

And if they can see that self love within you, maybe they could be okay loving themselves too.

…My heart had been broken wide open while listening to a woman criticize herself, her looks, the way she did things, just everything about who she was…When I got home I cried because I could clearly see that nothing she said about herself had any truth to it, but she couldn’t see it. I knew I would probably never see her again so I wrote to her, to myself, and to anyone else who struggles with feeling good enough in a world where everything has to live up to a picture perfect standard. The thing about God is he created you, so to him everything about you is unique and wonderful, just as it should be. We don’t have to bring a perfect version of ourselves to him…he loves us and wants only the truest version. Hair fixed, or hat, frustrated and mad, awkward and lonely, fearful, messy, smiling, crying… he loves it all. You truly are something wonderful, I dare you to believe it.


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