You Are Loved

In celebration of February 14th, the day dedicated to all things love, I decided to make heart shaped pancakes this morning. What I didn’t expect was to see God in the midst of my breakfast plans. It’s just like God though, to show up when we’re not expecting him. After the first pancake was cooked, not too deformed and still resembling a heart shape, I had an inclination that something else was needed. I walked across the kitchen, opened a drawer and pulled out an edible marker that was unknowingly being saved for this very moment. And with marker in hand, I looked down and knew exactly what was missing. I wrote in black, “You Are Loved”. Simple words with heavy truth. I wanted my kids to know they were loved, and God wanted them to know it also. You see, as soon as I finished writing on the first pancake, a song played on the radio with the exact words, “You are loved”. As they listened to the song, their faces lit up with wide smiles. A sign, from our Father in Heaven, that they were loved by him. God moves in ways we don’t expect, when we’re not expecting him to. Like during breakfast, using a pancake, a marker, and a song. If I can encourage you in anyway today, I hope you know that you are loved this day and everyday. And just as God saw me making pancakes this morning, waiting to send word of his love, he sees you and he’s sending the same words to you. It’s been a long while since I’ve wrote, but I had to write this morning because I have this inclination that someone else needs to read these words also…



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