A Helpful Reminder From The Past…

Sitting here in the quiet of the morning, a light illuminates over my cup of coffee and I try this writing thing once again. It amazes me that all of a sudden I can’t find any words to put on these pages… And it looks like this is as far as I will get today, two sleepy boys have awoken before 7 am and one is in need of a diaper change and both will be wanting their morning hot chocolate. I might have a little help from Luke though, he offered to get his little brothers milk…very sweet and kind, and very helpful. One thing I want to remember this day is how blessed I am to be here for my kids, that the mundane tasks I do every day are more important than I realize at this time. God has blessed me with the amazing responsibility to love, guide, care for and serve our children. While I may not get a notable award for all that I do for them, I do get to make sure that they never doubt how much they are loved and valued. And hopefully my love will inspire them to go out into the world with kindness, compassion, empathy, patience, and most of all LOVE as well. The world could definitely use a little more love…



Photo Credit:Monty Winters

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