The Voice of God


The Lord’s voice is more powerful and more majestic than we could ever fathom. When He speaks though, things happen… great things that we cannot understand. His voice is a call to action, a call to truth, and all that is right.

Although we don’t always understand God’s ways, we know that He is mighty, He is good, and He loves His children. If your heading into a storm or feel stranded in the middle of an ocean I am praying for you today. I’ve been there… and these situations require trust, belief in the truth of God’s love, His mercy, and patient endurance. Even though the storm threatens and the strength to keep going is gone, God is by your side. Turn to Him, rely on Him, and wait for Him. He has never forsaken me in my many struggles, and I know he will not abandon you…His love is revealed in His faithfulness through it all. Through the pain and struggle God draws us to a deeper trust in Him which leads to a closer and more intimate relationship with our Creator and Savior. Our lives are so much more than what we can see right now. God is doing something great in your life and He has the power to calm the storm and lift you up.

I love the random chances of seeing a rainbow displayed across the sky. The rainbow is never alone though. Behind the beautiful display of colors there is a dark sky; evidence of the storm that just passed through. If God can bring beauty out of something dark and scary in the sky, he is definitely able to bring something beautiful out of the dark and difficult moments of life…and the darker the sky – the brighter the rainbow. Keep walking by faith and rest in His love for you.


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