My Best Friend: My Personal Testimony

Honestly, I don't know how people do life without Jesus. Maybe I'm just weaker, or a bigger mess than those that seem to manage without God. Or maybe what I see isn't reality. Maybe people have a more difficult time than they let on. Quite possibly, it's a little bit of both.... I just wanted … Continue reading My Best Friend: My Personal Testimony

Hope for the Climb

When the days blur together, when exhaustion, pain, or the boredom of routine continue day after day, getting up in the morning can be challenging. I have found this encouragement though...If we wake up alive, Jesus has called us to get up. As long as we are breathing we have purpose. God works and moves … Continue reading Hope for the Climb


​As a society we are completely broken. Like a piece of shattered glass- fear, division, injustice, lack of compassion, pride, ignorance, and selfish motives have left us...broken in our wrongness. My heart breaks for everyone who suffers in injustice, whatever form it has come to them. God does not look away from those that cry … Continue reading Mending

The Journey Unkown

He leads us to places we can't see. Beside us, along the winding path, He is our guide. Even though there is mystery in the plan, our dreams and our life surrendered, we're safe in His hands. Quieting our spirit, we remain in His love. Resting our hearts in His, we keep our eyes fixed … Continue reading The Journey Unkown

The Voice of God

The Lord's voice is more powerful and more majestic than we could ever fathom. When He speaks though, things happen... great things that we cannot understand. His voice is a call to action, a call to truth, and all that is right. Although we don't always understand God's ways, we know that He is mighty, … Continue reading The Voice of God

Be Kinder to You

There are many days I don’t feel like I’m enough. I’m not energized enough, not organized enough, not patient enough, not healthy enough, not good enough, and the list could go on...As I turned out of my driveway though, one morning  I prayed a prayer that I never imagined praying. I asked God to help … Continue reading Be Kinder to You

In The Beginning…

Everything that is worth anything began with love. Love Fulfilled is just as much about my passion for writing as it is to share my life with you, hoping your journey will in some way become connected with mine. It's about choosing to fulfill the call to do everything in love, a call that I'm … Continue reading In The Beginning…