Morning Glory

  I looked out of my kitchen window in the early morning light, there seemed to be stillness everywhere except the sun that was faithfully rising above the horizon. I, still sleepy-eyed, and my mind with nothing better to do led me down memory lane. And in contrast to the light outside, my first early … Continue reading Morning Glory

You Are Loved

In celebration of February 14th, the day dedicated to all things love, I decided to make heart shaped pancakes this morning. What I didn't expect was to see God in the midst of my breakfast plans. It's just like God though, to show up when we're not expecting him. After the first pancake was cooked, … Continue reading You Are Loved

Let Love

Let Love overpower the hate and fear Let Love silence the evil in our ear Let Love heal the hurt Let Love be the words Let Love be the position Let Love not be deterred by my beliefs versus yours Let Love make a way and heal our hearts Let Love lay down every false … Continue reading Let Love

Insecure and Unsure

Every morning for the past week, awakening in the dark I walk out of my room in the early morning hours and glance to the empty bedroom with two empty beds; each adorned with pink comforters. And immediately the questions come... With all but one home study in the bag and the anticipation of two … Continue reading Insecure and Unsure

A Helpful Reminder From The Past…

Sitting here in the quiet of the morning, a light illuminates over my cup of coffee and I try this writing thing once again. It amazes me that all of a sudden I can’t find any words to put on these pages... And it looks like this is as far as I will get today, … Continue reading A Helpful Reminder From The Past…

When it Hurts

The cries of pain catch my ears. I see you coming towards me, tears pouring down your face. You're hurting, and I know exactly where. Your hand covers your heart, I see you trying to hold the broken pieces together. I want to embrace you so you know you're not alone. If you let me, … Continue reading When it Hurts

Reality and a Pep Talk

Woke up this morning, that's good! So far I've managed to get a load of laundry in and make coffee (and hot chocolate for the little ones). If my 7 year old could have it his way, he'd already be trading his hot chocolate for a nice cup of joe. My four year old is … Continue reading Reality and a Pep Talk