Hiding from God

In the book of Genesis, after Adam and Eve ate the soul poisoned fruit, there’s a little tidbit that we might miss if we are too focused on what Adam and Eve had just done; if we only see their disobediance, shame, and hiding… In perfect paradise, Adam and Eve shied away from God. With their sin exposed, they hid their bodies in an attempt to hide their disobedient hearts. The shame was too much to let God see… They knew better but didn’t do better…And here’s the part I missed many times while reading my Bible. God, in his love, reached out to Adam and Eve with something in his hand. He made them garments and clothed them, he covered their shame. This blows my mind. What a loving parent God is. Yes, there were consequences to their choices, serious ones, but God still loved them and in his love he covered them. How many times do we run from God, hiding in our shame because of our choices… I guess until we really discover who God is, and come to the realization that we don’t have to hide when we mess up. I mean if God could still care about the duo whose choice led to the wrecking of creation, surely we are never too far gone, never too much undone. So today, let today be the day we come out of hiding. Let us go to God, he’s always waiting with an abundance of mercy, forgiveness, and love. Because of Jesus we are covered. Our mistakes, our wrong choices forgiven, old news. Jesus paid the penalty of our disobediance, all that matters is that we come to him, out of our hiding and we seek his forgiveness and turn away from the things that bring us shame. God may not hand us clothing made of leaves, but if we let him, he will cover us with forgiveness, love, mercy, and new life.


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